The Confessions of a Split Testing Addict: How We Score +30% - 50% Every Time

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You’re here for one reason and one reason only.

And that’s because the current state of advertising SUCKS and it’s getting harder and harder for you to seek out a profit on a monthly basis with your Ecommerce store.

Well I have news for you…

This isn’t the case for everyone.

Some Ecommerce stores are doing better than ever.

For one simple reason.

Because they are able to continuously increase their PROFIT.

The 2 Sneaky Little Aspects of Stupidly Profitable Stores in 2021

Those with 1 of 2 things are CRUSHING their competition right now.

And I’m really sorry to tell you this.

But I’m only here to help you with 1 of these 2 parts of your business.

Because that first thing that the most profitable Shopify stores have right now is a highly profitable, hot selling product.

This pads their profit margins so as ad costs continue to climb, their profit margins keep them alive.

And the second thing is the reason you’re here right now.

You know what it is…

Now I’m sure you’ve already realized that continuously increasing your store’s conversion rate, also continuously increases your profit, because it drops your cost per customer acquisition.

That’s why we specialize in what we do, and get the results that we get for our clients.

You’ve likely already seen our “5 Simple Split Tests” cheatsheet and hopefully already implemented those changes to your store.

I constantly get feedback on when our email list members implement those free strategies that we share, their results automatically increase.

In fact, here’s a report that we got back from one of our email list members that used our FREE tactics to start getting better results immediately.

And that Was Using Our Absolute WORST Tactics...

I’m sure you’ve guessed by now, that we’re NOT sharing our BEST and MOST ADVANCED strategies in our free cheatsheet.

We just wanted to give you something that you could implement on your own.

But that begs the question…

What happens if we do your CRO for you?

Your 3 Month March to the Best Conversion Rate You've Ever Seen, at SCALE


To be honest.

We’ve never worked on a store that we COULDN’T increase conversion rates on.

And we’ve worked on a lot of stores.

(Wall of case studies incoming)

We know the results that we get for the stores that we work with.

And that’s why we guarantee results for EACH and EVERY client that we work with.

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-Dylan Ander, CEO at NextCoreMedia

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